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RE: UNLEASH the CHAMPION Who Is Inside of You! Attitude, Gratitude, Abundance, Potential!   The Choice Is Yours!

“Recovering Your Relationship With God & Eternity is Extremely Important!” IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO

LifeBuilders-aka d&k

~I know that you heard statements such as~
What goes around-comes around, cause and effect, you reap-what you sow.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur Seeker,

Did you know that there are thousands of other people like you who are entrepreneurs?  Did you know that these people did not become an entrepreneur by accident?

Were you aware that these entrepreneurs is people who are always willing to learn?  They are people who are willing to make the necessary changes?  What they do-IS NOT BY SOME MISTAKE-BUT IT IS DONE BY CHOICE!

Do you realize that all it takes for this to become possible is to be able to make simple changes that you apply in your everyday life?

Has anyone ever told you that you needed to work on yourself more than you do your job?  Entrepreneur just does not happen in one Saturday night?

Finally, were you aware that this can be done by you on an everyday basis? You can make personal changes in your life that are not complicated to do?  Ask yourself a Question…HOW FAR DO I WANT TO GO?

Someone HasTold You Lies
And It Has Hindered You Ever Since!

Entrepreneur is a big word and when people listen to talk about being an
entrepreneur, they will either laugh and say YEA-RIGHT! On the other hand,

When you respond that way then You Have Fallen Victim to be just normal.  Your hopes and dreams-now seem to be impossible, and so you accept what people have told you about you-This usually is the result of their own negative life, and They Want To Keep You In their Baby Pool Of Failure!

The SECRET is THERE IS NO SECRET!  NO! NO! NO!  You are the one who
has to make the decision for your life.  You must decide that “YOU” will not LET

You need to refuse to be a victim of your surroundings! And you will learn About Training The Champion In You That GOD Created YOU TO BE!  You have a good future waiting for you and you are gonna commit yourself to see its fulfillment no matter what, Starting TODAY!

Everyone of your situations can be TURNED INTO a Victory, “Even if things seem to be Impossible!”

Many people give up to easy, and the answer is just right in front of you.  Many of you reading this are ready to throw in the towel, so to speak.

You will not throw away your future…
You will see your dreams come to pass…
You will not give up or quit…

My Friend Those Lies Can End Today!

This easy to read ebook is 74 pages of life changing challenges.  It is full of  how tos and practical applications of what my wife and I have done over the last 18 years.

In this e-book is what we call-our pearls, our tears, our pains, our sweats and the victories on how we did simple changes in our lives to see the reality of these things come to pass.

We learned that we are “Champions” and we could teach and train others on HOW TO BE CHAMPIONS ALSO!   You are a champion and you know you are, deep down, inside of you?  “Don’t listen to lies anymore!”

No Hype, & No Exaggeration Truths That You Will Discover From This e-book!

This e-book will not frustrate you or complicate your life in any way-shape or form.  WE MADE EVERYTHING SIMPLE!  This e-book (or what we like to call, a “how-to” manual) is designed to be read more than once.

~Points To Remember~
Read it One Time & You Plant the Seed

Re-read it & You Water The Seed That You Have Planted!

Note:  Each time you re-read it, you’ll get something new.  The practical applications are for you to practice with.  Reading only will increase your knowledge. But when you put into practice what you know, you will get the results you want…

Here is what you will discover and learn about…

  • The Problems That We All Face
    The problems of life come to every human being on the face of the earth…
  • Developing A Willingness to Learn
    Learning the things you need to learn to assist you in seeing your vision
    come to pass…
  • Developing A Willingness to Change
    It seems nobody likes to change…
  • Being Thankful
    Being thankful is a key to opening many doors in your life…
  • You Were Created To Do The Impossible
    You were not created to fail, quit, to give up, or to be a loser…
  • You Have Potential Inside of You
    You have great potential even if you don’t feel like you do…
  • Developing An Attitude of Gratitude
    When you have an attitude of gratitude you stand out in life…
  • To Laugh or Not To Laugh
    How many people in this life do not laugh anymore…
  • Forgive and Let The Hurt Go
    No love-No forgiveness…

I Cannot Take Credit For this e-Book

I want to give thanks to God for my wife.  She would tell me that we needed to put what we have learned over the years in a book.  She would say: “We need to help others who are struggling in the same areas, and show people What We Did and How We Did It.

She was right and  is the reason for this e-book and she is a “Champion” in my eyes!  I began to write of things that we needed to share, not just head knowledge-but actual experiences from practical application.  WE’VE BEEN THEIR!

Our Pearls Are Precious To Us-Because It Cost Us

This 74 page e-book is our pearls of information that we did not arrive at in one Saturday night.  There was a price that we paid.  We have only just touched the surface in sharing our last 18 years.

It has been a wonderful journey and it does not stop with this e-book.  There are more challenges to accomplish-and more books to write-and more people to help.

We Know! What We Have Shared In This E-Book…

  • It Can Help You In Your Life…We have shared very simple things that you can apply and do in your own life.  We share what we have done over the years and what has worked for us.
  • It Can Change Your Life…We know that what we shared can change your life-but you are the one that will have to put it into practice in your own life.
  • You have to learn to do things in a certain way…Nothing is done by accident! Nothing is done by chance!  If you think they are-then you have wrong thinking.
  • You have to believe and come to realize…That you have a future waiting for you that is better than your past. But you must learn to LET THE PAST GO!
  • Your future will unfold step by step before your eyes…But you must KEEP GOING FORWARD!

Why Charge $7 For This 74 Page e-Book?
3 Reasons Why We Want To Do This…

1.  Because $7 for this 74 page e-book can be purchased by most people.  It is at a very affordable price because this is direct from us. This can help you make the change for the better.

2. This book has been published into (Paper Back-PDF format and
E-Pub Format as well).  This has been released on the market and the PDF & ebook for mobile apps  is $9.97

3.  This will also help support us financially in our cause-in helping others to succeed…At this low price, we know; we can furthermore help as many people as possible.

My wife and I decided as we have said before is this; we could overcharge in this e-book for our pearl information.  Thus, we could make more money quickly…However, we believe that if we give you more value as a fellow entrepreneur seeker, than the amount, that you have paid! Subsequently, we are helping you to actually succeed in your life.

Our Guarantee To You Is This!

Since we are offering our 74 page e-book at such a reduced rate.  We know that we could sell this e-book for $27 or more.  I have purchased myself some very good information that has helped us in what we do, and we have paid as high as $37 dollars. “WE DO NOT WANT TO CHEAT PEOPLE”

The only guarantee that we will give to you is this: If you take what you read and put it into practice-no quitting-I MEAN REALLY DO IT…It Will Work for You Just As It Has Worked For Us…

All Sales Are Final For This $7 dollar e-book.   Our email and address are located in the e-book, if you desire to contact us and send us your testimony, please feel free to do this…

We Will Be Selling This eBook for $7 Dollars To Help Others As Much As Possible…

We want to Help And Reach As Many People As We Can!  Because we are in
the process of releasing the paper back of this e-book.  This ebook is from two people who have followed their hearts.  Its not an ebook made up of a bunch of knowledge that we received from the brains of dead men.  We shared from some of our pearls of life-From our prayers-our tears-our pains-and our experiences.
I Will Order This E-Book Now!
Reduced Price Of $7 Dollars

Learn From Your Mistakes And Grow!

Do you want to grow? Do you want things in your life to be different?  Then my friend you will have to make changes in your life.  It has been said; that if you want things in your life to change?  Then you need to change things in your life…

Do not allow your potential to lie dormant any longer…
Allow that VOLCANO OF POTENTIAL TO EXPLODE BIG on the inside of you.

Training The Champion In You is 74 pages for $7 and it can help you to apply in your life 8 simple changes. LET TODAY BE a “New Beginning” For You!

Thank-You Very Much for Investing In Yourself!
David & katsue

P.S. Please Remember, Do not waste your time trying to do it all by yourself. Why? Because, deep down, inside, you know that there is more. In fact, you were CREATED TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!



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